ICSM - Integrative Centers for Science and Medicine

The Integrative Centers for Science and Medicine are an aggregate of non-profit educational, research, and charitable institutions based in Martinsville, Virginia. This website introduces the five constituent centers within ICSM:


Center for Biomedical Education


International Institute for Human Evolutionary Research


Center for Forensic Science and Human Rights


Laboratory of Biological Anthropology and Anatomy


ICSM Medical Center



Our Mission:


Founded April 10, 2006, ICSM is dedicated to the scientific investigation of the human condition and the application of that knowledge to the betterment of humanity. Its motto is "Hominis sapientia pro hominibus" ["knowledge of humankind for humankind"]. The Centers are active in the areas of medical education, clinical biomedicine, human evolutionary biology, biological anthropology, human origins research, forensic anthropology and international human rights, evolutionary medicine, and medical anthropology.


ICSM educates future physicians, other health-care professionals, and scientists with a broad grounding in modern integrative biological medical science, basic sciences, preventive and evolutionary medicine, and clinical practice worldwide. It discovers and provides new scientific knowledge of the human condition and the origins of the human species. It disseminates this knowledge via publications, its website, and educational programs. It applies this knowledge to the maintenance of health of all peoples.



ICSM is a Silver-level GuideStar Exchange participant, demonstrating its commitment to transparency.