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College of Henricopolis School of Medicine

"ICSM Annual Report for 2010"

The College of Henricopolis in Virginia was first founded by the Virginia Company of London with patronage from King James I in 1618. Sir Francis Bacon, architect of the Scientific Revolution and of the modern research university, was a Council Member of the Virginia Company and took part in the College's founding. The Second Anglo-Powhatan War of 1622 destroyed the College and its campus, but the College of Henricopolis stands as the earliest institution of higher learning founded in Anglophone America and as one established on Renaissance principles of broad and inter-ethnic education, as Native Americans were also included. The City of Henricus also contained the first hospital and library in America. The new College of Henricopolis was incorporated in 2010 as a Virginia nonprofit corporation and is planned to begin operation as a medical school operated by ICSM. It curriculum will incorporate integrative biology, inquiry-based learning, early clinical exposure, and community service. It will seek to educate physicians in a prevention-focused, patient-centered, multi-cultural, and sustainable framework. The motto of the College is "ipsa scientia potestas est" ["knowledge is empowering"].